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Internal Medicine Residency Program

West Anaheim Medical Center is a 219-bed acute-care and general medical/surgical hospital with a complete range of services. Our hospital is proud to offer PCI services 24 hours a day and we routinely receive referrals from nearby hospitals that don’t provide this service. Our patient population ranges widely from underserved communities to affluent individuals, which provides a rich exposure to a variety of cases.

The emphasis in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at West Anaheim Medical Center is to graduate an Internal Medicine physician who is a well-trained clinician in all the major clinical disciplines as well as in the social, psychological, and preventive aspects of patient care. Residents gain hands on procedural experience including common procedures such as intubations, central venous catheter, thoracentesis and paracentesis. Working together, the faculty and residents are continually reevaluating the curriculum to adapt to the ever-increasing complexity and sophistication of health care. Every attempt is made to tailor the training to the needs and interests of each resident for each year of the residency program. The core requirements for the residency are based on current ACGME guidelines.

We offer competitive annual salaries and an education fund to support learning and a thorough benefits package.

Quick facts

  • Program duration: 3 years
  • Schedule: 13 4-week blocks
  • Approved positions: 18
  • Current filled positions: 18


The Internal Medicine Residency Program of West Anaheim Medical Center (WAMC) educates physicians incorporating a well-rounded education in all areas of Internal Medicine, as well as providing awareness and experience in healthcare delivery, research, education, and health administration. Resident physicians are exposed to all subspecialties of Internal Medicine, both hospital-based and ambulatory care, encompassing the diverse patient population of the WAMC great community area.

Program Director

Asha R. Ravikumar, M.D. is the Program Director for the West Anaheim Medical Center Internal Medicine Program. She did her undergraduate work at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she also earned her M.D. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., followed by fellowship in Nephrology at the University of California in San Francisco. In addition to Dr. Ravikumar’s responsibilities as Program Director, she is also an active Teaching Faculty member of the Program and working partner in Southern California Kidney Consultants, as well as an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine for California University of Science & Medicine (CUSM).

Associate Program Director

Fariborz Shams, D.O. is the Associate Program Director for the West Anaheim Medical Center Internal Medicine Program; and was Program Director from 2014-2021. He did his undergraduate work at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California; internship at the Detroit Osteopathic Hospital/Bi-County Community Hospital; and residency at the Bi-County Community Hospital/Detroit River View Hospital. In addition to Dr. Shams’ responsibilities as Associate Program Director, he is also Chief of Staff and member of the Board of Trustees for West Anaheim Medical Center, an active Teaching Faculty member of the Program, and senior working partner for the Anaheim Family Medicine Center.

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