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Congratulations Andy Armenta and West Anaheim Medical Center who recently received an award from the Nile’s Project Foundation where they were recognized for making an effort to help fight against hospital acquired infection. The award given is the Nile’s Double Thumbs-Up Award 2013. It reads:

“Inspiration, leadership, love. Implementing life-saving change in healthcare infection prevention”.

The Nile’s Project Foundation is an organization inspired by the faith-filled life of Nile Calvin Moss. At 15 years of age, Nile entered the top Children’s hospital in Orange Country California for an annual series of tests. He returned home, began to have flu like symptoms, within 48 hours, his life on earth came to end. The family later learned that the cause was MRSA.

Both mother and father were unaware of the dangers of MRSA, and were not prepared. Nile’s Project is a coalition of Nile’s friends, entertainers, musicians, and other artists all in one accord, to end unnecessary deaths from MRSA, Staph, C.diff , VRE, and other hospital acquired and community acquired infections. The organization is devoted to ending the suffering and preventable deaths through education and public awareness.

In efforts to fight against these “hospital superbugs”, the Biomedical Engineering department at WAMC has taken on the role of testing bacteria levels on all their medical equipment by performing random tests in all clinical departments. The Biomed department is using the System Sure analyzer to test all surfaces relating to medical equipment.

WAMC has been conducting these tests for the last two years and has enough trending information to show the positive impact overall. Today they are bringing awareness to the clinical departments, as these tests are indicating a positive impact on warding off these hospital acquired infections.

“It feels good to know we are making an impact in our department for the better. We have implemented this cleanliness program into our Performance Improvement this year and it feels like the facility is coming together and really making an effort to rid this hospital superbug from WAMC,” said Andy Armenta, Bio-Medical Manager.